Step 8

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Step 8 CELEBRATE AND SHARE WIDELY– Completion, evaluation and helping others that are pursuing development, improvement, inquiry and innovation?

Celebration Rounds

Claims, concerns & Issues

Celebration rounds are one way of introducing a culture of success into your meetings and reviews.  Some of the tools that guide reconnaissance and implementation can also assist in evaluation.


Peer review

See PDSA details earlier in the toolkit


Structured Reflection

Structured Reflection encourages staff to link their past and present learning to their future ways of working by encouraging them to reflect on their experience. Undertaking a reflective review encourages staff to bring all their reflections and learning together in a project

Peer Review - Summary Reflective Review


Qualitative 360 degree appraisal

The purpose of the qualitative 360-degree feedback is to get feedback from people you come in contact with in the course of your work to help you identify what you are doing well, as well as areas for improvement.

This feedback can then be used to help inform your personal development plan. This approach develops a culture where the giving and receiving of honest and open feedback to each other is normal.

360' Feedback

Generic Individual Letter 360' Feedback

Template for Analysing 360' Feedback