Step 3

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Step 3 – Collaboration, inclusion and participation


Values, beliefs clarification

Facilitating values clarification

Concept analysis framework guiding implementation

Opening doors

Being collaborative, inclusive and participative is important if you want to co-create a way forward with stakeholders. This approach is more likely to achieve active engagement and also sustainability. One way to do this is to develop a shared purpose and understanding about what you plan to do and the factors that may influence it. This exercise enables all stakeholders an opportunity to be involved with the project making wider ownership and sustainability more likely. In some projects this exercise is used at the beginning, in others it is used following a period of reconnaissance.. The exercise enables expectations of each other to be agreed as well as ways of working. In addition to developing clarity of purpose, this tool can also assist in developing strategic and operational objectives, identifying risks and priorities, making explicit  agreed ways of working and developing an implementation plan by identifying the enablers, processes and expected consequences using a concept analysis framework.

Creative approaches to visioning are also used by some as a different way of generating visiosn and direction as well as creativity

Values Clarification Exercise

Facilitating Values Clarification

Concept Analysis Framework Guiding Implementation

Opening Doors to Creativity

Peer review


Using opportunities for peer review on a 1:1 basis informally or formally or team basis assists in developing new insights. You may wish to develop a critical companionship, mentorship relationship to help you with this. Why not search for a possible mentor or expert in the trust who can help you in a peer review or critical companionship relationship


Critical Companionship

Critical companion step by step guide

Critical companion: self assessment

Critical companion paper

Critical Friend and
Critical Ally

The role of the Critical Companion is to help the co-learner focus on becoming increasingly effective in their work and to monitor and observe this process through high support and high challenge. The Critical Companion facilitates the development and growth of the co-learner.

The following is a step by step overview for critical companionship which provides further information:

Being a Critical Companion

Critical Friend and Critical Ally