Process Steps Tools What is it? When should I use it? Document

Step 1 - Preparation to understand what you want  to achieve and why are you doing it: e.g.

  • National, organisational and local drivers
  • Readiness for change
  • Strategic fit
  • Financial impact
  • Measures of success

Project Brief

Observations of practice and templates

Person centred practice index

Modified Texas Safety culture tool

Meet with key stakeholders who you will be collaborating with in the improvement project/inquiry to agree and communicate what is to be achieved, clearly defining the improvement or development idea linked to a shared purpose.

A project brief/inquiry plan developed early on in a project provides clear explanation and direction as well as identifying the resources required. A formal project brief for a service improvement is provided. For less formal projects it will be important to be clear about your project purpose, how you plan to achieve it and your indicators of success. Formal sign off before starting detailed work, will increase the success of your project as well as reducing duplication of resources.

In some improvement and inquiry projects a period of reconnaissance may be needed to be identify key issues by using tools such as observations of practice or stakeholder evaluation to be presented to key stakeholders so that project intentions are co-created. Alternatively you may start with understanding specific aspects of you workplace culture by using tools such as the person centred practice index or the Modified Texas Safety Culture Tool

Project brief ( above)

Observation of practice tool

Person Centred Practice Index

Modified Texas Safety Culture Tool